Star Stable Online: The Game All Horse Lovers Need

I first began playing Star Stable Online (SSO) about six years ago now and can’t think of a better time to discuss why I love it than now when they have just celebrated their 10th birthday! As I write this now, the Halloween events are just getting started. I’ve always loved spooky season and getting to explore ghostlyContinue reading “Star Stable Online: The Game All Horse Lovers Need”

Evergate Review

  I’ve had quite a few un-played games on my Switch for some time now. Included in this list are more popular games like Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition as well as less talked about games such as Child of Light, Unravel 2, Celeste, The First Tree, and Evergate. Of course, I have several others that I’ve only spent aContinue reading “Evergate Review”

My Among Us Fails

Happy Friday! Today y’all get to learn how awful I am at Among Us.  You all know Among Us hit the scene quite awhile ago and has been fairly popular with a lot of different groups and age ranges throughout the gaming community. I know I particularly enjoy watching the OTV crew plus friends (especiallyContinue reading “My Among Us Fails”


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