Star Stable Online: The Game All Horse Lovers Need

I first began playing Star Stable Online (SSO) about six years ago now and can’t think of a better time to discuss why I love it than now when they have just celebrated their 10th birthday! As I write this now, the Halloween events are just getting started. I’ve always loved spooky season and getting to explore ghostly haunts and visit headless horsemen in one of my favorite games only makes it that much better! 

My love for this game extends back before it was actually created, all the way back to 2005 when the Starshine Legacy game series came out. As a child who loved horses and magic, I was insanely excited to play the first game when it arrived on my door in a subscription box for horse lovers like myself. I have so many fond  memories of playing the first and second games in the basement of a duplex we lived in for a short time in Illinois. Fast forward about ten years to when I first discovered SSO. I immediately noticed two things: the logo is awfully similar to that of those games from my youth and the lore behind the game also seemed quite familiar, if a little trapped in those childhood memories. A quick search revealed that SSO is, in fact, created and run by the same company that released those games that meant so much to me as a child. This made the game even more appealing to me as a 20-year old in the midst of a severe depression and anxiety induced spiral. SSO helped pull me out of that spiral and gave me something new to look forward to every week. 

Even six years ago, SSO had decent graphics, a lot of variety, and a decent amount of open places in the map. Now, that map has grown through several new areas, the graphics have been updated extensively, old areas have been updated and redesigned, and many new horse breeds–including the mythical, magical wild horses that can blend in or stand out in stunning ways–have been added in addition to a broader variety of disciplines. I could go on for hours about how much I love this particular game but I’ll cut to the facts. 

The Pros: 


  • The game is free to play through level 5, which provides a decent trial period and ability to experience the potential of the game. 
  • Different ways to upgrade to Star Rider which occasionally come with bonuses, particularly during celebrations of any kind. Currently they’re running specials on all upgrades with the Halloween event!
  • Huge open world—seriously, it takes about ten minutes to get across the map at a full gallop depending on what terrain you’re crossing and if you know the shortcuts
  • Weekly updates! That’s right—every Wednesday there is a free update that brings new content! Some updates are smaller, some bring new horse breeds, some bring new side quests or story quests, and others bring fun events!
  • Side story and abundance of quests to fill gaps in between story quests
  • Seasonal updates so the game changes and brings a different experience throughout the year.
  • Tons of horses (approximately 59 breeds/variations of breeds between Gen 1, 1.5, 2, and 3) with various coat colors to choose from, tack, outfits, and races 
  • Apps! The game has two companion apps so far:
    • SSO Horses which allows you to raise foals into level ten horses which you can then transfer to your game using starcoins! 
    • SSO Friends which provides easy access to game news, ways to enable and pay for stable care so your horse are taken care of by a stable hand of sorts, along with much, much, more. 
  • Available in 14 different languages1


  • Non-star riders do have limited access to the world, though there are fairly regular free weekends during which non-star riders get star rider privileges 
  • Can be pricey so I recommend looking at the long-term when upgrading, if you choose to do so. The lifetime rider membership may seem a lot, but it’s good for life and also grants access to a special in-game store where you occasionally get free, exclusive clothing or tack!  

Overall, the pros far outweigh the cons. Star Stable Online is a diverse and beautiful game with a stunning story line and highly entertaining seasonal events. The Halloween event kicked off on October 20th and will be around for about three weeks! You can find lost souls, go on haunted trail rides, and even play spooky Pac-Man in the basement of a castle! I know I’m off to get in on the Halloween shenanigans and I hope you all join in too! 

2 thoughts on “Star Stable Online: The Game All Horse Lovers Need

  1. I just started to play Star Stable during their 10th anniversary event, and I was very pleasantly surprised by the game. Apparently, I’d signed up for it a while back but never did anything with my account. It didn’t take much time before I saw how bustling the game is and how lovely it is just riding around doing quests – I dropped a lifetime sub on it.

    I know the game isn’t aimed at my age group, so it’s nice to know there are other adults out there enjoying it. I hope to blog about my experiences soon, and I’m having fun with the Halloween event!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is such an incredible game! I feel like I’m embracing my inner child when I play even though I’m 26 now. I suspect that there’s actually a fair amount of adults playing the game, especially with it being around for so long now. Did you have a chance to check out the original Starshine Legacy games? I know they were available on the site during the birthday celebration but I haven’t checked if they’re still there.


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