Story of Seasons Game Mode Comparisons

Hey y’all!!! I know it’s been a hot minute, life has been quite hectic lately but I’m back on the writing train and I’m here with some long promised content!

Anyone who has played Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town knows that the game has two modes that it can be played in: seedling and normal. The theory is that seedling mode is easier overall than normal mode. Ideally, this would mean that seedling mode is more ideal for players who are new to this style of game as well as for players who don’t necessarily want to grind very much in order to be successful in the game. 

As a fledgling gamer, I decided that I wanted to see for myself just how different the two modes were. In order to test the variance in the two games, I opted to play through the first 28 days of gameplay—the entirety of the spring season—and compare the statistics at the end. The chart below will have more specifics as far as what level was achieved in which mode in regards to the various skills that one builds around the farm. 

I do have to say that the difference between the two isn’t very significant. I did have more money in seeding mode and slightly higher levels and relationships, but the overall difference isn’t very noticeable. The gap between the two modes’ progress might be larger if one were to compare the results at the end of one full year and I’ll add more information on that should it happen. I did notice that trees, grass, and rocks seem to appear and grow at a faster rate in normal mode than in seedling mode which means I do have to spend more time clearing land so I can access the different areas of my farm. 

Here is the promised chart comparing the results of 30 days’ work in each mode: 

Cultivating21Animal Care45
Play Time11 hr. 58 min. 11 hr. 34 min. Current Funds25,706 G13,259 G
Sprite Coins440320Total Profits51,786 G56, 047 G
Pioneering Progress58%58%Field Level 00
# Follower Sprites7580Museum Completion7%18%
Total Tourists5856Sprite Points8281
The above mentioned table of my results after 28 days of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town gameplay

One thing I do know is that I did expect a larger disparity between the two modes than what appeared. I’d love to hear from you! What mode do you prefer and why?

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