Evergate Review


I’ve had quite a few un-played games on my Switch for some time now. Included in this list are more popular games like Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition as well as less talked about games such as Child of Light, Unravel 2, CelesteThe First Tree, and Evergate. Of course, I have several others that I’ve only spent a brief amount of time on so I figured it’s about time that I set my usual go-to games to the side and distribute some of that attention. This week I decided to leap into the beautifully haunting world of Evergate.

Evergate is a stunning puzzle-platformer created by Stone Lantern Games. Not only is this indie game affordable at only $9.99, it’s also available on almost all platforms. If you haven’t taken the leap and given it a shot yet, I strongly recommend you do. 

Seriously, how cute is Ki? She is an adorable little wisp!

You are first introduced to Ki as she returns to the afterlife, ready to journey back to Earth and begin a new life. Upon her return and approach to the gate which will allow her return, Ki learns troubling news: there is a storm wreaking havoc on the gate and the afterlife. Instead of being transported back to Earth, the gate presents Ki with a memory book. You must travel through the gates in the book using your soul flame to activate crystals in order to reach the goal and discover the memories the book holds. The first several levels are fairly simple and are intended more so you can learn the game mechanics but get progressively more difficult as you advance through the memories and unlock more crystals. 

Shoot the soul flame through 1 or more crystals and connect with a white surface to activate them.

There is a total of ten crystals in the game which all have different abilities; some will launch you into the air, and another will create a platform under you. I won’t give away what they all are though! There is a total of three goals in each level which you will earn essence for completing. One for collecting all three petals in the level, one for using all crystals in the level, and one for completing the level in a ridiculously short amount of time. Two of these are easily achieved, one of them, however, is extremely difficult. The essence collected unlocks special bonus chapters. 

I have been extremely impressed with this game and the length of it. I was expecting a game that I could easily beat in about 6 hours or so which simply isn’t the case. I haven’t beat the game yet, but I am on the final gate of the 10th memory. These memories take place over different lives in a diverse assortment of countries and time periods. The pros certainly outweigh the cons in Evergate and I can’t wait to see how the story ends!


  • Challenging, but not overwhelming
  • Fair amount of levels, especially given that it’s an indie game and is relatively cheap
  • Quality is incredible 
  • Stunning and ever-changing visuals
  • Puzzles are necessary to discover the story of Ki and her brother—kindred spirits who have been born siblings through many lifetimes. 
  • Customizable soul flame! You can choose the color of Ki’s soul flame. 
  • Soundtrack is INCREDIBLE 

Cons: . 

  • Some of the puzzles may be far too challenging for younger players. 
  • The essences are hard to collect
    • The timed ones especially. The few I’ve gotten, I’ve reached with less than a second to spare and others I always seem to hit just 1-2 seconds too late. It would be nice if there was an option to have different levels of difficulty in reaching this timed goal. 

Little Ki and Evergate get a 9/10 from me!

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