My Among Us Fails

Happy Friday! Today y’all get to learn how awful I am at Among Us. 

You all know Among Us hit the scene quite awhile ago and has been fairly popular with a lot of different groups and age ranges throughout the gaming community. I know I particularly enjoy watching the OTV crew plus friends (especially including 100 Thieves creator BrookeAB and co-owner Valkyrae) play this game. I actually don’t think I’ve seen anything out of that group of people that I haven’t enjoyed. 

However, it can be a little difficult to fully enjoy the game when you don’t know anyone you play with. It is still entertaining and has given me a few moments so far in my limited game experience where I have 100% failed in tragic ways. I first played Among Us back in January. I’d seen several streams and clips of people playing the game and finally decided that I wanted to try and that’s where this series of adventures begins. Don’t worry, the story list is small currently but I will expand it as I have more adventures. 

Story 1: How I got voted out in the first 30 seconds of my very first game. 

It took me like 20 minutes to actually get into a game because everything fills up so quickly and I was on mobile as well so I think that there was a bit of a lag there. I’d been in the car earlier with a friend’s kid who’d been complaining that she never gets imposter. Naturally, I figured I didn’t need to worry about that and also didn’t look at the rules or anything because I’d watched people play so obviously I didn’t need to, right? Wrong. So. Wrong.  I get in my very first game and I get impostor. One thing to note here is that while I had watched several people play I hadn’t really paid attention to the fact that there are definitely specific things that only impostors can do. 

So I go and immediately run across a vent. For whatever reason, it hadn’t occurred to me that the reason venting was a big deal was because the only people who can use vents are imposters. I see the vent button light up and instantly hit it because it looked fun. My kill cooldown wasn’t even done and I had vented in front of half the lobby. Needless to say, a button was called and I immediately got voted out. But you know what, it was still hilarious and lesson learned. 

Story Time Part 2: When I lied too hard as imposter and got banned from someone’s lobby for it (whoops)

A few days after that first incident, I got on and managed to get imposter again. Thankfully, I didn’t vent in front of half the lobby this time. The game was pretty successful and it gets down to three of us. I was trying to sus out another person who was sus of me and the third had no idea who to vote. Of course, it was 2am and I wasn’t entirely awake so my first instinct was to tell that person to vote the other one out if they wanted a crew win. 


1: It was obviously a lie. I’ve honestly never seen anyone else say “crew win,” it’s always just “do you want to win?” So that automatically should’ve been a hint that it was me. 

2: The whole point of the game is to see if the imposter can fake it/lie well enough to win. 

So I won that game and then I got banned from the lobby. Did I maybe go too far? It’s possible. At the same time, it’s a game. 

I don’t have any other stories at this time because I really haven’t been playing much, but with the new Airship map I will likely be getting back in there. Guaranteed that I will epically fail some more and when that happens, I’ll for sure update this or store them for a larger part 2. 

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